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#97 - Organising organising

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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

Hello! This week I've been organizing the project and cleaning up files and the truth is that it's a good thing, because with all the topic of the launch I had left my Notion in a mess...

The sad thing is that with so much launching and so many things I haven't been able to organize myself in terms of saving some time a week to learn something new, and that's why you'll forgive me for not being able to upload a weekly article ☹️

But don't worry, from tomorrow I'll be saving time to give you your weekly learning pill! Remember that you can reply to this newsletter with what you would like me to write 🙂

Thanks for reading <3

Articles & Ideas

Design Dependencies & Reusable Flows in Figma

Modular flows that can be shared and reused across teams. Ed Orozco

The state of User Research 2022

Welcome to the State of User Research 2022 report! Now in its fourth year, this report unpacks the findings from our annual survey that we—curious humans doing user research at a leading UX research company—conduct to quantify, analyze, and uncover trends in. User Interviews

Why I moved away from Notion

Notion, an app that every YouTuber is bragging about. YouTube is filled with productivity setups, tutorials and videos on how to use it efficiently. As someone who’s used the app for several years, I will explain why I decided to move on and find a better productivity system that works for me. Tech with Dom

Confirmation Bias in UX

People tend to prefer information that confirms their existing beliefs and to undervalue information that contradicts their beliefs. With the appropriate research methods, the confirmation bias can be recognized and avoided in UX design. Jennifer Junge

Claymorphism: Will It Stick Around?

This fresh new design trend has been picking up steam with the rising popularity of colorful inflated 3D graphics in web illustrations and with the latest Virtual Reality projects like “Horizon Worlds”. Let’s see if there is room for Claymorphism on the UI, and how we can create this effect with CSS. Adrian Bece

An inclusive design workflow for product teams

How and why the Flagship Themes team made accessibility a priority in the design process Scott Vinkle

What Is the Product-Market Fit (PMF) Item?

A social media platform, a GPS heads-up display, a video streaming platform: all are examples of viable products … that failed. The failure came despite often substantial financial funding and putatively useful features. Their failures were blamed on poor product-market fit. Jim Lewis, PhD and Jeff Sauro, PhD

How to set up the PARA system in your digital systems

PARA is a system for organizing digital information created by Tiago Forte. PARA is an acronym for, Projects, Areas of Responsibility, Resources and Archive. Michael Lee



Find time. Control Time. Undock works like autocomplete to suggest meeting times based on your availability and preferences.


The joyful productivity app. Schedule time for todos, events, and contacts.

Text Chat Animator

Create realistic text chat animations that simulate messaging apps! Export them for free as a video or GIF to create stories, commercials and memes.

Notion Icons v5

The pack contains 286 icons in 10 different colors. This pack consists of total 2860 Icons.

Overflow 2.0

Create interactive user flow diagrams that tell a story. Communicate your designs like never before

Life At

Feeling stuck at home, losing focus, Zoom fatigue hitting? Explore hundreds of video spaces. Set your screen based on your mood! From the top of the Himalayas to a Library in NYC.


Free UI Avatars for Your Next Project. Get placeholder avatars unique to your user.