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#89 - Surveys that Work Resume Part II - Establishing your Goal

Sent the January 25th
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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

Following on from previous post, here are my notes on chapter 1 of the book Surveys that Work by Caroline Jarrett, setting your survey goals.

Caroline gives us a series of guidelines when it comes to defining all the questions we want to answer in our survey, so the first stage is to collect as many questions as possible, either in a Google Sheets or whatever.

At this stage it is important to involve all stakeholders and participants in the research, otherwise we may have to put questions in at the last minute and the survey may be ruined.

It is not critical to think if there are duplicates, if they are badly formulated... we are collecting questions that we want to answer, this is at an internal level and they will not be the questions that will appear in the questionnaire. We must divide the concepts of research questions and questionnaire questions.

When we have all the candidate questions, we should question them:

  • What do you want to know with the question?
  • Why do you want to know?
  • What decision will you make based on the answer?
  • What result do you need to make the decision?

After this screening, we will be left with a much shorter list of research questions and we can then move on to the stage of deciding which question is the MCQ, the most crucial question.

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