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#117 - Schiphol Airport

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Juan Jesús Millo

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Mijksenaar's work at Schiphol Airport is considered a world reference in the field of visual information.

Since 1991 he has been responsible for signage together with the airport's design department. At Schiphol, a complete system incorporating typography and color coding for road and interior signs, flight information signs and maps has been designed and is being continuously developed.

The work includes access roads, parking, escape routes and piers. The color system is based in part on the original 1960s system created by Benno Wissing (Total Design);

  • Blue is used for the roads;
  • Yellow and green are used inside the terminal for information on the operation of the facilities.
  • Gray is used for non-directional information.
  • Black for office areas,
  • Red and green also appear to designate stop and danger, and exit and confirmation, respectively.

The Schiphol color scheme has proven to be very effective primarily because of the high legibility and clarity of the text, particularly at some distance. In this first revision, the font used was Frutiger, with some modifications for use on conventional displays (of which there were over 1500) and on internally illuminated signs.

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