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#95 - Give me your valuable feedback or I'll kill you

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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

Hi, I'm going to take it easy this week to get back to the newsletter articles, but in the meantime, I'm getting organised for this year.

This year I'm going to dedicate it fully to the refinement of the website, as well as organising all the files, refactors that are necessary, usability improvements or small functionalities. To be transparent, I'll tell you some of them!

The first tasks I want to tackle are SEO improvements to get more organic traffic, cleaning Figma files, implement a hover menu with the child pages for a more fluid navigation, show the Product Database products in the course pages and vice versa (maybe this is the most complex in terms of architecture), improve the 404 page, show the approximate study time for each resource, add an "About me" page to boost my ego and implement in the course pages a "Prev/Next" button panel.

Once I have these improvements, I want to start with *surprise project*, a database of design books, consider creating a community, adapt the course to email, create a design glossary, implement filters in the product part or a search engine in the course.

There are many things, but I think that in a year or so I will have it all finished! Once I have all this I will show you the next part of the project!

There are a lot of things and I would like to ask you, what do you miss on the website? In general, whether it's the course, the product base or the newsletter per se.

Thank you very much for reading me again.

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