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#63 - Art_ndDesign XIV - Adolf Loos

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He was an Austrian architect who fought against the taste for ornamentation and the decorative arts, in opposition to the Vienna Secession, so that modern architecture could be renewed. In 1908 he wrote a famous article called Ornament and Crime, in which he defended this aesthetic evolution without ornament, which he defined as an enemy of truth and a sign of aesthetic and moral degeneration, thus reducing working time and increasing wages.

With these ideas he was the pioneer of the modern movement, as he also defended the break with historicism and the bourgeois interior, in search of functionality and quality, being considered one of the precursors of rationalism, which applied cubic space and the play of vertical and horizontal lines before anyone else; in fact, without Loos's ideas there would not have been fundamental architects and designers such as Van der Rohe.

As a curiosity, he introduced a new concept in his works, the Raumplan, which consisted of giving each of the spaces a different importance, depending on their size or the height of the ceiling, in order to preserve privacy. And he focused not only on architecture, but also on interiors, considering furniture to be functional objects to be adapted to modern everyday life, where ornamentation could be applied, but never on the exterior surface.

For more information, go to Adolf Loos 1870 - 1933.


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