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#38 - Priming

Sent the February 02nd
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Juan Jesús Millo

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Most likely you have visited websites and instinctively know what they are about or how they work, or which products or services they offer, but how do we know?

Starting with the definition of priming, it is an effect over the implicit memory, explaining that exposure to a stimulus influences our response and behaviour.

If we are looking for car parts and we enter any brand car website, we may not find parts to repair the car, but cars themselves, since the information we receive are images of the latest cars or messages and forms to drive them, our response to the stimulus to continue looking for parts is to give up, since we know that we will not find this information.

Another example would be, if we are looking for a mortgage simulator and we see simple graphics and sliders in one part of the web, we will influence a stimulus to go there thinking that it is going to be a calculator or a simple process, and if these stimuli are matched, we perceive this process as a smooth experience, since we are satisfying the user's needs; but, if these stimuli are not matched, we perceive the web not very usable, creating frustration since we are being "ripped off".

This preparation is key to generate our multimedia contents and the order of the words in the texts, where we must always use the keywords at the beginning, in order to trigger this preparation and prevent the user from not reading the whole sentence, losing this stimulus.

Used correctly, we can create persuasive products, as we make it easier for users to take decisions.

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