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#85 - The Free Product Design Course is here 💕

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Juan Jesús Millo

The best free product design course

I'm super super happy because I'm here to announce that the free design course I've been talking so much about is almost ready 😍.

For those people who don't know, this last year I've been working about how to create a free product design course, nourished by the articles and resources of other designers, researchers and theorists.

Content of the free product design course

The course consists of:

  • 16 design subjects ranging from the elements and principles of design, going through product management, research or interaction to how to prepare interviews for your dream job.
  • 34 topics divided into 210 subtopics. Each topic deals with a specific area of design, while these are broken down into 210 fucking subtopics. Did I mention it might be the most comprehensive design course ever? 😉
  • These subtopics are broken down into 750 learning resources that will enrich you as a product designer. Signatures of authors with recognition and no bullshit.

Ways to deal with the course

This design course can be approached in two different ways

  • To junior designers or those who want to get into design to learn the necessary skills in a self-taught way: there is a lot of contamination on the internet, as well as the necessary guidance that an inexperienced designer needs when not knowing which path to follow (what subjects to learn, in what order, how deep...).
  • To mid or more senior designers to have a library of learning resources either to master certain specific skills or to have a reference manual.

For now what I have left are several text tasks, hooking thousands of links and refine everything a bit, so I hope in January to finish and in February to prepare the release to publish it the same month no later than March 1 (deadline that I have proposed).

I'll publish it on Product Hunt and I'll let you know in time so you can create an account and hit the upvote button** so that it reaches as many people as possible!

Thank you very much for trusting me 💞

PS: I said it's totally free and without registration?


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