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#34 - What is Pogo Sticking?

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Juan Jesús Millo

Pogo sticking definition

In the previous issue we talked about page parking, a very millennial technique about gathering links from a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) from a search query or several, and then start inspecting each of these, eliminating the unnecessary ones and keeping the relevant ones at that moment; but it is not the only behavior pattern obviously, as others like Pogo Sticking can be.

This name comes from the lifelong jumper known as a pogo stick, a toy that we bounce up and down on non-stop. We can reproduce this behaviour on the web, more specifically from link farms like Content Hubs to their different URLs that hang from here, where the user executes pattern Content Hub > Click on Link > Back > Click on Link > Back > Content Hub.... and so on, but why does this happen?

Disadvantages of Pogo Sticking

This behaviour is not a positive thing, as we are seeing that the user clicks on different links and always goes back to click on another one; this happens for various reasons, such as links that do not meet the users’ expectations or "clickbaits", resulting in a serious loss of credibility for the brand and the website.

The user clicking on these links over and over again, generates unnecessary frustration, while the cost of interaction goes through the roof, making the user wonder if they should use another website. The solution lies in generating links with a high information scent and that these meet the users' expectations; if we do this correctly we will see a drop in the pages views, being normal as users are not continuously bouncing around the web.

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