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#104 - Ideology

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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

This issue I would like to talk briefly about what ideology is and what its components are.

Ideology is a set of emotions, ideas and beliefs that describe our collective behaviour about a system. This system can be society itself or a specific system, such as economic, social, technological or design in this case.

An ideology usually consists of two components: a representation of the system, and a programme of action.

  • The system representation is basically one's own particular point of view on the system (perception, beliefs, ideas...).
  • The second component is the action programme, which is the plan to achieve that personal representation of the system.

So, to give a quick example, my representation of the design system is the democratisation of content, my idea that design should be accessible to all and my personal perception is the price of schools. My action plan is my whole project in general, the building of that community.

And what is your representation of the system and your action programme? :)

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