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How to learn User Experience (UX)?

To learn user experience design (UX) I have prepared three tools that work together. You can learn user experience design with a totally free, self-taught course to use as a reference (or bible) for your entire career, while you can draw on a free library of tools and resources where you'll find everything you need to execute your work as a designer at peak performance. To top it all off, receive a weekly newsletter in your inbox with all the latest news and tools.
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Free digital product design course with a structured roadmap created from free resources & materials from top authors.
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A collection of more than 700 tools and resources focused on product design, organised & categorised for you.
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Free courses to learn User Experience

How do you learn UX design? Learn user experience design with UX Database's free UX design course. We want to provide you with the resources you need to learn how to design products on your own for free, so you can get that design job you want so badly.

Learn UX/UI design as many call this subject, but not only these branches, but the whole product ecosystem: design principles and elements, product definition, user research, information architecture, content design... and everything you need to nurture your career.
+750 resources
All course content is either from reputable authors in the design field or from reliable and trustworthy publications.
+16 design subjects
The content is divided into subjects, so that you know exactly where to start, where to finish and what to study.
+35 topics
Afterwards, these subjects are classified into topics, focusing learning efforts on a particular area to get the most out of it.

Resources gathered from top companies

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