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Learn product design for free. We have created a learning path so that even if you have no experience, you can learn on your own, studying all the proposed resources to get into your dream job. No bullshit.

Learn product design from start to finish for free

We want to provide you with the material you need to learn product design on your own for free, so you can apply for a junior product design position.
+750 resources
All course content is either from reputable authors in the design field or from reliable and trustworthy publications.
+16 design subjects
The content is divided into subjects, so that you know exactly where to start, where to finish and what to study.
+35 topics
Afterwards, these subjects are classified into topics, focusing learning efforts on a particular area to get the most out of it.

Resources gathered from top companies

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Get the skills of a junior designer with the free course

We have created a totally free course for you to learn on your own all the required skills so starting from 0, you can get that junior position you are looking for.

Guide to studying design for free and with quality resources

When you start to study on your own you may fall into poor quality content and not know it, overpriced learning material or be overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and not know where to start, but that's why I have created this learning path, to help you.
Quality Resources
All course content is either from reputable authors in the design field or from reliable and trustworthy publications.
Free of charge
The biggest challenge is to make all educational content free, no account required or freemium. Free for all.
Learning Roadmap
Where do I start to become a designer? The course is organised and categorised into 16 subjects.
Persistent content
As it is content from other platforms, we have used so that the content is never unavailable.
No bullshit
No design learning in 10 weeks, no design trends, no advertising articles. Pure and simple product design.
Practice Exercises (Upcoming)
We will release an exercise guide related to the course content, to make it even easier for you to learn.

What you'll find in this free design course

We recommend that you carefully read all the information below to see how compatible you are with the course and get started!

Presentation of the free product design course

Learn the skills a junior product designer needs, starting from the basics, the principles and elements of design, taking a comprehensive tour through methodologies and proper product planning and management, research, interaction and information design, and ending with tracking metrics and next iterations.

The perfect student is someone who is really interested in design, there is no other requirement. The cost of the course is 0€, so you will only need a desire to learn, time available to study and a normal computer (regardless if it is Mac or Windows; here we have come to study design, not to use software).

Learn product design at your own pace

This course is entirely self-managed by you, thanks to hundreds of authors who have contributed quality teaching material to the internet.

This means that you will be 100% responsible for reading the syllabus, creating your notes and being critical in your self-assessment. Further on, we would like in one way or another to offer mentoring to make this path as smooth as possible for you.

Aim of the free product design course

The main objective is simple, that you get a junior position by learning the whole tree of skills that companies require. With this, you will be able to apply for one of the following junior positions:
->   Product Designer
->   Interaction Designer
->   UX Designer
->   UI Designer
->   UX Researcher
->   UX Architect
->   UX Analyst
->   UX Strategist
->   Visual Designer

Full course syllabus

The course is divided into 6 blocks of 16 subjects, each divided into different topics. We start with the basics, the elements and principles of design and what methodologies exist, and end with the correct implementation and monitoring of metrics, verifying our hypothesis.
->   Design Elements & Principles
->   Design Methods
->   Planning & Management
->   Research Process
->   Ideation & Analysis
->   Interaction Design
->   Content Strategy
->   Interface & Prototyping Design
->   Information Design
->   Design Systems
->   Front-end Development
->   Design QA & Metric Tracking
->   Design Leadership & Management
->   SEO for Designers
->   Design Career

Levels of resources covered in the course

The resources have three different levels: Beginner, Medium and Advanced. The begginer level resources focus on learning the basics of the subjects; the medium ones are geared towards going deeper into the area, while the advanced ones are entirely optional and more for a Mid profile.

Total time to complete the course

First I have to calculate the total learning time. Once done, I will publish a schedule proposal for hours per week to complete the course in 6 months, 1 year or 2 years, in order for you to set a goal and achieve that job position.

Teacher (aka curator aka me)

Author Picture, a very sensual one, Juan Jesús Millo
Hi, I'm Millo! 💜

I'm a Spanish designer working @idealista, the biggest real estate portal with more than 60 million monthly visits, who loves making product with 4 years of experience in the product design sector along with several more years in graphic design.

I've always wanted to support all those designers who are lost, trying to lead them on the right path and not get contaminated with bad quality information, that's why I created this website, so people can learn with free resources, discover new products and stay up to date with the newsletter 🐳

Start learning and become a product designer!

You can do it and I am counting on you to succeed ;)
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