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#01 - First Issue

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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

This is the first project that I show to so many people at the same time, and the fear is quite big, but, fuck it, if you don't try you won't get it.
What do I give up in a month? maybe, what continues and it is a success? congrats you all, because I won't have achieved it, I only curate content and layout them, you will be the ones who make it.

It will be divided in two parts, articles and ideas from studios, design teams and/or individuals; and the products section, which is self-explanatory.I may use this first introductory part as a small synthesis of that I've learned throughout the week, ideas that comes to my mind, or nothing at all, that's what MVP's are for.

The intention of these publications is that the readers will be able to take the resources they need, read the three pieces of crap that I wrote, and do something else in less than a couple of minutes; the goal of the publication is not to retain the reader, zero friction.

Thanks to all who have subscribed, you guys rules

Any feedback is more than welcome

Articles & Ideas

Benchmarking UX: Tracking Metrics

Quantitatively evaluate a product or service’s user experience by using metrics to gauge its relative performance against a meaningful standard. Kate Moran

Consistency in Design is the Wrong Approach

Current Knowledge is a much better way to think about the problem.Consistency in design is about making elements uniform—having them look and behave the same way. Jared M. Spool

Business Software UX & NPS Benchmarks 2020

Despite the attention consumer-based mobile apps, websites, and software get, a lot of the world depends on business software. Jim Lewis, PhD and Jeff Sauro, PhD

5 exercises to level up your design skills

These steps helped me become good at noticing why I was stuck so that I could make adjustments to correct my path. It helped me consciously work on skills that aligned with who I wanted to become. Elaine Tran

The emotional design manifesto

I want to talk about emotion and feelings. How important they are in terms of product design. And how important they are to me, as a designer. Diana Malewicz

37 business concepts every designer needs to knowI

In the spring of 2011, I accepted an opportunity to shape a new organization and lead a team of UX designers, program managers, and front-end developers. It was my dream job and I was highly motivated for the challenge. Ryan Rumsey



Test common easing curves on a range of interfaces. Or generate your own custom bezier curve.‍

Tretrisly Freebies

Freebies for improving your UX / UI workflow.

Service Station for Mac

Customize your Finder context menu with applications and scripts.

Prototypr 3

Hand curated design platform with over 20,000 resources: tools, stories, and news. Free membership for everyone.‍

Serverless Cam

Serverless.cam is a static web app that you can use to record your screen and webcam at the same time.‍

Timemator 2 (Mac)

Automate your time-tracking and forget about the timer. Forever.