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#79 - Art_ndDesign XVIII - Le Corbusier & Charlotte Perriand

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Rosa Cortázar Meléndez

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As I mentioned in the previous article, Le Corbusier was also a designer, mainly of furniture. In these he worked looking for comfort based on anthropometric studies, responding to functionality and human activities, following the ideas proposed by Adolf Loos.

Among her shadows was Charlotte Perriand, who participated in the creation of the famous Chaise Lounge armchair, a French architect and designer who introduced a profound change in the aesthetic values of the home. Her major contribution centred on the democratisation of interiors, creating a new lifestyle that still endures to this day and developing the concept of storage and multifunctional furniture, which ceased to be artistic objects and became functional artefacts linked to the domestic structure, becoming increasingly influenced by Japanese homes.

From an early age he began to collaborate with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, and in 1928 he designed three armchairs for Le Corbusier's studio: an armchair for conversation, an armchair for relaxation, and another armchair for sleeping, the Chaise Loungue, which derived from research into the shape and movements of the human body at rest, with a curved structure adapted to the perfect ergonomics of the back and legs, following the highest degree of functionalism.

He also innovated with the use of industrial materials of his time, such as springs and top-quality leather, eliminating the superfluous, and took inspiration from Thonet furniture, such as the rocking chair.


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