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#42 - Design Thinking II - Wicked Problems & 1970s

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Wicked problems in design thinking

This is the continuation of part one, Design Thinking I - Intro

Horst Rittal, design theorist, in the mid-1960s coined a term that is nowadays mostly used in development, rather than in design ironically, which are Wicked Problems.

A Wicked Problem is nothing more than an extremely complex problem, very difficult to solve or with several layers or dimensions that form a pretty fucked up problem.

It was Horst Rittal himself, who on the basis of the different methods that exist within design, saw in these the ability to solve these problems, since a very important point of these is that collaboration is everything, we should not limit ourselves to a single point of view, but to a whole, a multidisciplinary team that is able to see the different edges of the problem and attack them one by one, polishing the diamond that was hidden.

Herbert A. Simon was an economist and cognitive scientist, who in 1969 already mentioned design as a science and as a form of objective critical thinking in his book Sciences of the Artificial.

Design Thinking Process in the 1970s

In the 70s he placed great emphasis on rapid prototyping, iterating and observing the behaviour of users, with the aim of maximising the learning obtained in each of these cycles, this being one of the main phases of the current standard Design Thinking process as well as the basis of iterative design.

If you are interested, he has very relevant articles, as he devoted a large part of his life to the study of rational decision-making, and how we create a totally encapsulated framework in our head, where we study all the possible alternatives and which of them is our preferred one based on a limited number (by knowledge) of consequences and variables.

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