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#96 - Art_ndDesign XXI - Women designers

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Rosa Cortázar Meléndez

Writing of the week

I guess you've noticed that lately every time I talk about a designer or movement I take the opportunity to also talk about female designers, as I'd like to give a little bit of gender perspective to the subject (males pls calm down). And if you haven't noticed... take a look at the last articles <3

Taking advantage of the fact that this Tuesday was 8M I wanted to use this article to recommend you the project "Diseñadoras Gráficas", a work developed in the master's degree in Cultural Studies and Visual Arts (Feminist Perspectives and Cuir/Queer) of the University Miguel Hernández by Marta Quílez India in 2018. I haven't met him until now and I loved the great work he has.

It is a platform for research into women's graphic design in the face of the multiple difficulties that prevented them from being able to develop in a field of work as masculinised as design was (and still is in some aspects), seeking to make visible those who managed to insert themselves into that world and to create awareness and visibility for the women who have laid the foundations, worked, work and will work in the discipline on the importance of an equal society between men and women.

In its archive you can find everything from women who work/worked on posters to typography, publishing, corporate identity, illustration, packaging... among them Barbara Kruger, Paula Scher and Betty Willis.

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