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#61 - Project Update

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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

Good morning, this week is a bit of a project update and next steps 😵.

The first thing to comment is that I have migrated from Mailchimp to Sender.net, I don't know how this change will affect my open and click-through rates, but it has been quite a hard work (configuring DNSs, templates, double optin flow, GDPR...), so I hope it will be worth it! (not counting the money I save obviously).

On the other hand, I'm working very thoroughly with what would be the third leg of the project, the Learning Knowledge Database. I have already finished gathering and categorizing quite a lot of quality free information, just missing certain "subjects" that I am going to leave for a little later, since I have been collecting non-stop for months and I want to take a break from this task.

With these resources, I am already preparing an update of the website to be able to withstand the changes that are coming with this project, in addition to improving it based on the behavior of users that I have detected, not much, but there will be functional improvements especially in the Home.

Once I finish adapting the design to the Learning Database, I will publish it and I will start designing and implementing all this part, which hopefully will be available for autumn or winter at the latest.

Thanks for everything!



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