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#45 - Design Thinking IV - 1990s to Present

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This is the continuation of part three, Design Thinking III - 1980s

Everyone here will know IDEO, the great firm and consultancy focused on using design methodologies to solve those wicked problems. IDEO is widely recognized as one of the companies that made Design Thinking mainstream, something that works, with which we can transform the complex and convoluted into something easy and intuitive.

In addition to evangelizing the methodology and its solution-focused results, they created a wide range of interactive classes, workshops and talks, bringing all the design terminology to a more mundane one, creating different toolkits and guides for those people who were not in the design sector to understand its benefits and be able to use them in their business or personal projects.

The famous d.school, or Stanford School of Design, or as it is currently known, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design, has been teaching Design Thinking since 2005 thanks to IDEO's intervention to create the program1.

Different prestigious universities, business schools and forward-thinking companies have adopted the methodology to varying degrees, sometimes reinterpreting it to suit their specific context or brand values.

So, Design Thinking is a design methodology, or is it a method or process for problem solving, or is it a creative approach, or is it simply a user focus for non-designers? Let's see it in the next chapter.

Articles & Ideas

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Pictures of websites

When I was a product designer, people would ask what I did for a living, and sometimes I’d answer “I draw pictures of websites.” Sure, I could just say “I design websites.” That’s true. The end result of my work is (hopefully) that a website looks better, works better, or results in better outcomes. Matthew Ström

Structure of an effective product design portfolio

Here’s the hard truth: It takes me less than 2 minutes to decide whether I want to interview the candidate or not. As a Head of Design, I review hundreds of candidates every week. Most of the time, I will reject candidates without a portfolio in any format. With only resume, I have nothing to assess the candidate. Budi Tanrim

The UX Writing Process in Tech — Demystified

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