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#91 - Are surveys the best method for data collection? - Part IV

Sent the February 08th
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Juan Jesús Millo

Is a survey the best way to obtain information?

And last part of chapter 1 of the book Surveys that Work by Caroline Jarrett, setting your survey goals. Here rather than a summary, these are notes and my thoughts on whether a survey is the best research strategy or method at the moment we need information.

One point I made in the previous post was whether the most crucial question should even be answered by people and not by the analytics software itself.

I have often found myself in the situation where I have launched several surveys and have a lot of qualitative information that I would like to dig into in an interview, or quite relevant numbers and data that tell me how often and how much certain scenarios occur but not the whys; so is a survey the best method to collect information to dig into later with interviews, or is it the other way around? Our author and I think it is the other way around, first interview and then survey.

Types of interviews to focus the survey

There are two types of interviews in general, interviews to find out what the defined group of people think about the topic of the survey, and on the other hand cognitive interviews (I would love to dedicate an issue of the newsletter to this topic, so let's leave it aside for now 🙂).

So, before launching a survey, it is crucial to know how it will be composed thanks to the interviews, even to do usability testing and later triangulate this information with surveys. Or if we have the time, do the full flow of Interviews >Usability Testing > Pilot Survey > Survey.

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