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#124 - Stephen Biesty

Sent the September 27th
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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

Stephen Biesty, a British illustrator born in 1961, is considered a master of cross section drawing, highlighted by

  • Synthetic views
  • Cross sections
  • Use the exploded view.

An exploded view (also known as an exploded drawing or exploded perspective) is a schematic or technical diagram, image, or drawing of an object, showing the relationship or order of assembly of various parts.

It shows the components of an object slightly separated by distance, or suspended in the surrounding space in the case of a three-dimensional diagram.

An object is represented as if there has been a small controlled explosion emanating from the center of the object, causing the parts of the object to separate by equal distance from their original locations.

Shows all the parts of the assembly and how they fit together*. This type of drawing can also help represent parts disassembly, where the parts on the outside are usually removed first.

Used in parts catalogs, assembly and maintenance manuals and other instructional material.

The projection of an exploded view is usually shown from above and slightly diagonally from the left or right side of the drawing.

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