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#75 - The stroop effect

Sent the September 19th
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Juan Jesús Millo

What is the stroop effect?

What happens if I put two buttons in front of you, one of which is red and says "Go" and one of which is green and says "Stop"? Which one actually starts? This is known as the Interference Effect.

It is a phenomenon where our mental process conflicts with another non-essential mental process, slowing down the processing of the task and increasing the error rate.

It is the typical one where someone tells you to "Go up to the bottom"; the meaning is contradictory. It can also be due to distractions from the environment.

The most famous is Stroop interference: Delay that occurs in the reaction time between congruent and incongruent stimuli. If I ask you, what colour are the words? The colour is the congruent information, while the text is the incongruent.



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