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#64 - Elements of the Visual Hierarchy

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Juan Jesús Millo

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When we talk about hierarchy, we talk about how the elements are distributed in our composition, so that we can create scannable patterns that our users/readers can follow.

The objective is to inform, persuade and structure their path to our target. The user acts in milliseconds when they enter our page and scanning (depending on whether they are Eastern or Western) the web, using F/F inverted or Z scanning patterns.

Taking these reading patterns as a reference (or breaking them to underline certain parts of the interface), we have different elements that help us to achieve this hierarchy:

  • Size: The larger, the more noticeable.
  • Color: Vibrant colors attract more attention than dull ones.
  • Contrast: The more contrast between colors and elements, the more eye-catching.
  • Alignment: If we start with the standard alignment of our website, this alignment will stand out from the rest.
  • Repetition and proximity: By the law of proximity, if these elements are close or follow a pattern, they will be related.
  • Air or white: The analogy of this white is the semicolon or the semicolon. Divide and segment, as well as reinforce your internal content.

Some words to augment your design vocabulary on hierarchy are:

  • Positives: perceptible, scannable, eye-catching, striking, noteworthy, emphasizes, salient, highlight, underline, reinforce.
  • Negatives: cover up, disguise, conceal, cover up, hide, mask, swallow.



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