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#103 - The Motivation behind the Free Product Design Course

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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

I was preparing a talk for this Friday for Airbus that I have, and taking advantage of it and playing with the trump card that I have Covid (my first covid, yay), I would like to reflect for the future what have been the motivations for which I created UX Database. Sorry for being so short this issue, but I'm sick ☹️

These motivations stem from the "Why" of the project, a bit using Simon Sinek's Golden Circle.

Democratisation of information: one of the whys of the birth of my project is my own ideology of the democratisation of design. This motivation stems from the purpose of nurturing as many designers as possible, at the lowest possible cost and with the greatest possible impact.

Criticism of overpriced schools: furthermore, it is also a criticism of current design schools, where by pulling public information, a nice name and a lot of money on Instagram Ads, they get enrolments of thousands or tens of thousands of euros, teaching design in a crappy way, extremely focused on using tools and not generating critical design thinking.

Helping my past self: at the beginning I put "Helping my past self", but it's not true. The reality is that I want to help as many people as possible who have gone through my context, not knowing where to start, not knowing what information is really useful and reliable, not knowing which way to go or where to find valuable information.

Even if the incidence of the pandemic goes down, be careful out there, even if the vast majority of us are vaccinated, it doesn't mean we are invincible. Stay safe <3

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