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#94 - Thanks for everything πŸ’—

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Juan JesΓΊs Millo

Writing of the week

First of all, thank you so much to all the people who have supported this project, without you it would have been impossible to have achieved such a diffusion πŸ’œ

The metrics have been crazy, here is a screenshot from Matomo, the software I use for analytics (and which respects anonymity; in The Markup you can see the tracking technologies I use, which are zero!


7.3K visits, almost 18K page views and 2.6K outbound links, not bad for a single day of launch, and all thanks to you. As you can see my metrics are quite modest, even if you can't see them, you can see that the numbers of the previous months are ridiculous, but this Tuesday has been even more ridiculous, I'm still freaking out.

The goal of this project is to democratize the design as much as I can and listen to me, this is going to continue <3!

This year a little bit is to refine everything, some microprojects that I have to hook the product database with the course, a book section, usability improvements and a little surprise that I would like to release before the summer, let's see if hopefully soon I'll tell you about it!

Again, and for the millionth time, thank you. πŸ’—