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#113 - CPACC #6 - Disabilities Categories - Auditory

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Juan Jesús Millo

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We continue studying for the CPACC certification! This time with the different types of disabilities, hearing disabilities.

There are three main groups of hearing disabilities: deafness, hard of hearing and auditory processing disorder.

  • Deafness: total or near-total loss of hearing. Many of these people know sign language if they are born deaf, while people who lose their hearing later in life may not learn sign language at all and prefer text. People who are born deaf may not be comfortable reading because they interpret it as a foreign language.
  • Hard of Hearing: Also known as HOH is hearing loss that ranges from medium to severe. These people can communicate by sign language, speech or both depending on the context and situation. It usually affects one or two ears and is highly dependent on assistive devices. It affects 6.1% of the population (466 million).
  • Auditory processing disorder: ADP often described as greater than expected difficulty hearing and understanding speech even though no measurable hearing loss exists. is not the inability to hear it0's the inability to interpret, organize or analyze wha0's heard. People have difficulty learning songs, following directions, focusing, learning a new language... because hearing works perfectly, but parts of the brain do not. It affects 5% of the world's population.

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