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#39 - Transparency Pillar in Product Design

Sent the February 09th
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Juan Jesús Millo

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I am studying to become a Scrum Master for several reasons, one of them being my enthusiasm for the pillars, specifically transparency.

Transparency is nothing more than allowing the quality of something to show through, but what?, how much? These answers will measure the transparency degree, being my personal preference the highest possible.

When Scrum tells us that the objectives must be clear, how do you as a designer throw a task to the developers without any context or what you are trying to achieve? If you are the designer of the project, do the others know? What role does everyone have? Who does Design QA?

How do you know the task is correct? Do you set acceptance criteria? Are they understood or are they vague? What does "Done" means?

How does the information flow? Are there several channels of participants alongside the main channels or does the information flow drop by drop?

Is it clear what artefacts are necessary for the realisation of the task?, How many meetings will be necessary, or is one mailing enough?

If all these silly answers are known to the project participants from minute 1, I put my hand on the fire that opacity will not be present.

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