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#56 - Ideate - Design Thinking XII

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Juan Jesús Millo

Generate ideas with a thinking design

Now it's time to generate ideas, as many as you can, and more.

Ideation is the mode during the design process where you focus on generating ideas.

The goal of ideation is to explore a broad solution space: both a large number of ideas and a diversity among those ideas. This stack of ideas will later be used to build prototypes and test them with users.

How to ideate

The goal of ideation is the transition from problem identification to solution exploration. Some tips for this idea generation are:

  • Bypass the obvious solutions to increase the pile of innovative ideas. The first ideas are always the most obvious.
  • Investigate unexplored areas, different solutions.
  • Create fluidity (volume) and flexibility (variety) in this range of ideas.
  • Get the obvious solutions out of your head and take your team beyond them.

Articles & Ideas

The Art of Design Spec'ing

Let's learn more about design specs, how to create them, and how they smooth out the hand-off process between design and engineering. Mahdi Farra

Derailed Design Critiques: Tactics for Getting Back on Track

Feedback during design critiques can be filled with hypothetical scenarios and unactionable suggestions. The right facilitation techniques help stakeholders and team members stay on track while still feeling heard. Rachel Krause

Designing for cognitive disabilities

Over 1 billion people in the world have a disability, and out of all these disabilities, cognitive disabilities are the most common. “Cognitive disability” is an umbrella term for many conditions, which all have unique symptoms. Tolu Adegbite

Command Palette Interfaces

The command palette seems to be making a resurgence. I couldn't be happier. It's one of my favorite UI patterns. Philip Davis

The perfect link

We all know what a link on a website does: it takes you to another destination. That's how we use and explore the web. But not everyone knows that there’s more to a link than just a clickable word or image. Rian Rietveld

Is Perfection Boring?

We are obsessive problem solvers. When we see something imperfect, our perception wants to figure out what is going on — we get curious. On the other hand, when something is too irregular or “crappy” we ignore it as irrelevant noise. Ralph Hammer

Cognitive Bias and the Design Process (retired)

Designers are just as vulnerable to the blindspots and fallacies that come with cognitive bias as the people who use the products and services we design. Bias can creep into the design process when we aren’t diligent enough to identify and mitigate it upfront. Jon Yablonski

How to document accessibility as a UX designer

When I first started working at Qualtrics two years ago, we were a team of 16 UX designers, and no one was really talking about software accessibility or inclusive design. Today, our team has grown to more than 40 talented designers who talk about and design with accessibility in mind every day. Elise Livingston



Being always well organised is possible. Akiflow makes it 10x faster to keep your schedule under control.

SaaS Blocks

SaaS Blocks doesn't pretend to be anything it's not. The entire kit is made specifically for SaaS companies and consists of blocks that SaaS companies rely on to communicate their product's value and features. New blocks are added weekly!


Validate ideas with burner pages in less than 60 seconds. Using burner pages to measure user interest is a proven method used by the world's most successful companies. But it was always tedious and painful, until now.

iPhone 12 Clay Mockups for Sketch and Figma (FREE)

Simple, minimal, super-clean set of iPhone 12 clay mockups from Hype4Academy. We've been asked a lot about our custom, clay mockups, so here they are so you can use them as well in your project presentations!


Easy-to-use Forms that Ask the Right Questions. Create exciting forms, share them online and manage your data, all in just a few clicks!

Web Interface Handbook

This is a book about the fundamentals of creating a good web interface. You will find out how to make effective forms, typography, grids, and many other components of web design.

Mobile Palette Generator

A mobile palette generator is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you generate color palettes for your mobile or web app with a click of a mouse.

Google Forms to Notion (retired)

Google Form is the best free tool for Surveys, Feedback collection, Quizzes and more. Notion is the best at organising and managing data. It's a versatile tool that can boost your productivity. Form to Notion helps you connect Google forms with Notion tables & embed it in Notion pages.

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