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#36 - What are login walls?

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Juan Jesús Millo

Understanding Login Walls

Imagine that you want to buy clothes in a shopping centre and suddenly you see a couple of brands that catch your eye on the map of the building, so you decide to go and see if you like them and if the price fits your budget.

You go to the shop and what you find is a totally opaque shop window and a woman at the door. When you see that you can't access or check the stock, you decide to go in, but this woman blocks you. - "Good gentleman, if you want to see the articles we have in our shop please fill in this form with your name, surname, e-mail, telephone, ID and a password between 6 and 10 characters containing capital letters, small letters and numbers", what face would you put? This is known as like Login Walls.

"But I haven't even seen your offer of articles! Login Walls are patterns that completely block the content offered on a website, with a very high interaction cost (especially on mobile phones), which varies our expected utility in relation to the required effort. Remember that this utility is the expected benefit minus the cost of interaction, but if we do not know the benefit and the cost is very high, is it really worth it?

Disadvantages of login walls

By blocking content, quality and quantity, we are not able to make a positive decision, so abandoning is the most common option, unless they are apps that contain very personal information, such as banks, academic information, notetaking, etc.

We must be very careful if an implementation is necessary, since in the vast majority of cases, it can be considered a dark pattern.

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