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#58 - Design Thinking XIV - Testing

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Juan Jesús Millo

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Testing is the opportunity to refine our solutions and improve them. We will place our low-resolution artifacts in the proper context of the user's life.

Your mindset should be: prototype as if you are right, but test as if you know you are wrong.

The goal is threefold:

  • To refine our prototypes and solutions. The results inform the next iterations of the prototypes, which may mean going backwards and rethinking.
  • To get to know our user better. Testing is another opportunity to build empathy through observation and engagement. We often gain unexpected insights.
  • To test and refine our point of view. Sometimes testing reveals that not only have we missed the solution, but also that we have failed to frame the problem correctly.

Articles & Ideas

Asynchronous Design Critique: Giving Feedback

Feedback, in whichever form it takes, and whatever it may be called, is one of the most effective soft skills that we have at our disposal to collaboratively get our designs to a better place while growing our own skills and perspectives.Erin Casali

How to measure design impact

How do you know what design's impact is on the product you're building? Even if you could measure design, how do you identify what parts of the product experience are worth measuring in the first place?Tanner Christensen

Collecting Metrics During Qualitative Studies

Don’t report descriptive statistics like success rates and averages unless you ran a quantitative study. Reported numbers must be qualified with statistical information such as confidence intervals or statistical significance.Kate Moran

Chrome vs Brave: How to Use Ethical Design to Win Customers

Learn how Brave uses ethical design as their competitive advantage, and how they include it in their onboarding and user retention strategy.growth.design

Exploring Macro/Micro Interactions Through the Lens of Economic Theory

Interaction design and economics are two different professions but can be tied together by their connection to systems thinking. If an economist considers currency (money) as their system then in that same vein an interaction designer considers human behavior (interaction) as their system.Chris Becker

New UX Research Study on Native Mobile Apps

This Mobile Apps UX research is based on more than 200 qualitative user/app usability test sessions following the “Think Aloud” protocol (1:1 remote moderated testing).Mark Crowley

The 6 Levels of UX Maturity

Our UX-maturity model has 6 stages that cover processes, design, research, leadership support, and longevity of UX. Use our quiz to get an idea of your organization’s UX maturity.Kara Pernice, Sarah Gibbons, Kate Moran, and Kathryn Whitenton

From Statistical to Practical Significance

Hypothesis testing is one of the most common frameworks for making decisions with data in both scientific and industrial contexts. But this statistical framework, formally called Null Hypothesis Statistics Testing (NHST), can be confusing (and controversial).Jim Lewis, PhD and Jeff Sauro, PhD


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