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#130 - Design Argumentation - Shapes

Sent the November 8th
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Juan Jesús Millo

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Let’s continue with getting more design vocabulary, this time about shapes, dividing the article into two parts: the different types of shapes and the meaning of them.

Types of Shapes:

  • Geometric: The typical “math” ones. Circle, square, rectangle. These are identified as organization, efficiency, structured.
  • Organic: Irregular with curves. Eye pleasing and comforting. It reminds the typical nature shapes.
  • Abstract: Not real. Typography and Icons are abstract ones because they came from a simplified version of letters, ideas and concepts.

Meaning of Shapes:

  • Circles: Suggest completeness, without beginning or end. Warm, conforming, sensuality, love, energy, power. Protection, endurance, restriction.
  • Squares & rectangles: Stables and honests. Order, mathematics, rationality. Solidity, security and equality.
  • Triangles: Dynamic. Stable or unstable depending on their base. Tension, action, aggression. Steady if stable and conflicted if unstable. They suggest movement based of which way they point. Progression, direction and purpose.
  • Spirals: Organic patterns, growth, evolution, time, life…
  • Crosses: Divine, nature, wisdom, faith, balance, hope….
  • Curved shapes: Organic, movement, happiness, pleasure…

Shapes - Design Argumentation Exercise #1

Defend a good web design that uses containers elements with round shaped corners and other onewith square corners. Use at least 4-5 adjectives to defend each example.

Shapes - Design Argumentation Exercise #2

Explore the web and list some good examples of not so common shapes like triangles, spirals, or organic ones. Now, defend why these are good examples.

Reference Article → Visual Grammar - Shapes by Vanseo Design: https://vanseodesign.com/web-design/visual-grammar-shapes/?ref=uxdatabase.io