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#27 - Where are you? The "You are here" component

Sent the November 10th
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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

Most of the times when we are surfing, whether on websites or in the street, a shopping centre, a park... we don't start from the very beginning, but from an adjacent street, a secondary door to the park or, a URL that passes us over a super interesting article.

When we enter through this back door, we ask ourselves, "OK, where am I? where am I going?", and if we are lucky, we will see the physical component par excellence, a mupi with a map and a pin that shows us where we are, managing to situate ourselves within the ecosystem, but what about a website? how do I know where I am?

It is one of our tasks to indicate to the person who is interacting on our platform where they are, how? A breadcrumb is not bad, but a user not only detects this crumb to know where he is, but the choreography of several components.

Which components tell us where we are? They would be hierarchically the logo that tells us which website we are in, the state of the navigation link reflecting the active page where we are and the title of the section of the page. It seems obvious but it is not.

Other useful cues that we can provide when it comes to knowing the location are the capable URLs that can be read (example: /page1/subpage1/article1), the title of the page in the browser tab, labels/badges or other active elements that show us that we do not see 100% of the elements but that they are filtered out, or the steps of a stepper.

Finally, you can always do the exercise of visiting your own website and ask yourself the question "where am I?" to find out if you have a good implementation of the "You are here" component.

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