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#65 - Meaning of Line Types

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A line is nothing more than a connection between two points or the path that a point follows. They can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, dotted, thick, smooth, curved, zigzag..., but what does each one mean, what message do we want to send when we use one or the other, how can you argue the use of each one of them?

  • Thin lines: Fragility, elegance, delicacy, ephemerality.
  • Thick lines: Doughy, bold, accurate, rough, powerful, emphasis on the surrounding elements.
  • Horizontal lines: Tranquillity, calm, comfort, stability, peace. They accentuate width.
  • Vertical lines: Energy, rigidity or lack of movement as well as horizontal, stability. They accentuate height.
  • Diagonal lines: Chaos, unbalanced, dramatic, uncontrolled, too much movement, tense and emotional.
  • Curved lines: Funny (even cute?), unpredictable, narrative, fluid movement, calm or dynamic depending on their angle. Depending on their angle and length they can be calmer or more frenetic.
  • Zigzag lines: Danger, destruction. Very dynamic and intense, but at what cost? Alterable, with a frenetic and confusing message.
  • Dotted lines: Not finished. Translucent, parallel semantics with the adjacent elements, interactivity.

Now you may be wondering, why the fuck am I talking about this in the newsletter? Lately I've been working a lot on improving my argument, and studying the most primitive elements of design helps a lot, it gives us a richer and more accurate discourse, as well as understanding every micro-decision we make.



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