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#33 - Page parking: the browsing style of millennials

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Juan Jesús Millo

What is page parking?

How many times have you been researching whether or not to buy an item, and suddenly found yourself with 30 tabs open in your browser? Are you doing this using a specific pattern? Well, don't worry, you are not a chaotic person, you use a very standard behaviour, especially if you are millennial.

Page Parking is a technique that we have developed to be able to research a specific subject in depth, opening several tabs from the search engine results page and, after finishing the source research, going one by one to see if we are interested or not, so we could split this behaviour into Research and Inspecting.

This is a high performance technique, since we use the memory offered by the browser instead of our own; we don't have to go through every opened page, since the browser offers us a bar to store a considerable number of these, being our effort much lower when using technique instead of others like Parallel Browsing (using one tab per task) or Pogo Sticking.

Influence of page parking on design

And how does this influence our designs? We must have special attention (obviously) to the favicon and the Title Tag of each page of our website, since it will be the only information scent that users will have to see what page it is, since having many tabs open we will only be able to see the favicon and at most, about 5-10 characters of the Title of the page when condensing the titles in the tab bar.

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