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#60 - Design Thinking XVI - The Definitive Guide

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Juan Jesús Millo

Writing of the week

This is the last issue in which I'm going to talk about Design Thinking, so I've made a compilation of all the posts from these last months, in total 15 of them! Thank you very much for reading it <3

Lately I'm a bit lost on my skills, so I'm planning (thought, doesn't mean I'll do it hahaha) to make a skills matrix to focus on my weaknesses, so while I digress a bit on the topic, I think I'll share it in the newsletter.

This doesn't stop me from continuing to work on the free course <3.

Thanks for everything, really.

Articles & Ideas

The Looking Glass: All About Execution

I’m deep in the muddy waters of execution, aka the “actually doing” part after you make a plan, so a lot of the past month’s threads are practical little guides: questions to ask, balls to juggle, reminders to jot down. Julie Zhuo

The history of the pride flag and tips for inclusive design

Take a closer look with us into the history of the Pride flag and how to make design more inclusive. Liz Huang & Pat Timmons

How to analyse results for an open ended question?

I asked an open-ended question in a survey about one of our app's features (That is somewhat similar to its search feature) to find out why users would use this instead of search. I've got a large number of responses (1000+). Michael Zuschlag

94% of the Largest E-Commerce Sites Are Not Accessibility Compliant

At Baymard our research team has just spent 4,400 hours researching accessibility principles and applying them to the e-commerce field — leading to our new research study on Accessibility for E-Commerce Sites. Alex Krzyminski

Confidence Intervals, Margins of Error, and Confidence Levels in UX

A confidence-interval calculation gives a probabilistic estimate of how well a metric obtained from a study explains the behavior of your whole user population. Raluca Budi

10 Figma Best Practices to 10X Your Workflow

Industry best practices to design like a senior designer. Danny Sapio

UX Team Structure and Reporting

UX staff can be organized in two ways: centralized or decentralized (or a hybrid). The teams can also report into different parts of the bigger organization. There is currently no single best practice for these team-structure questions. Kate Kaplan



An issue tracking tool that levels up as you scale. Linear streamlines complex processes including roadmap planning and issue triaging. Customize your workspace with automated workflows and integrations for customer support.

Glide 2.0

Meet Glide 2.0. Nearly every aspect of Glide has been updated and refined, with new app features & tablet layout, an all-new app builder, team collaboration, and templates for work.

Radix Colors

A gorgeous, accessible color system. An open-source color system for designing beautiful, accessible websites and apps.

100+ Tweets To Build Your Audience & Make Sales

Find inspiration from over 100 highly engaging tweets, all written by makers and creators. Apply the method used by professional Twitter copywriters.


Automate without losing the human touch. No-code automations that keep humans in the loop so you can scale even the most complex, manual processes.

Dollo Avatars

This illustration pack works like Lego. Create your own avatar, mix and match skin color, hairstyle, eyes, clothes, accessories, and more. You can use it for social media, blogs, chatbots, email footers, or anything else you'd like!

Remote Jobs

All remote jobs links have been removed, as the positions were fulfilled.