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#136 - The standby 😒

Sent the December 20th
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Juan JesΓΊs Millo

Writing of the week

It hurts me a lot to write this but after thinking about it and rethinking it several times, I think I'm going to pause the newsletter 😞

Lately, between the new job, the moving, now the holidays are coming and I start a new course as soon as they finish, social life, even the "doing nothing" makes it more and more complicated to write the newsletter and be able to compile the best for you.

It sucks, to be honest, but many times I think about doing some work to evolve the project, but of course, the hours I spend every week for the project are eaten by the newsletter, and this, believe it or not, are several hours: writing a little, collecting all kinds of products and articles, curating them, pasting all the information, asking permission to the artists to use their images, publishing on networks ... you can imagine.

This doesn't mean that UXDB is dying, but the time I used to spend on the newsletter will be dedicated to update the site πŸ˜€

I will continue writing yes, but in a totally inconsistent way, only notifying when the page is improving. I have to take care of my mental health and you can't imagine the weight that I take off having "a recurring task of several hours a week":

Thank you all so much for understanding,


I love you 🌟