Product Design Course

Here we provide you with all the learning blocks of the course. You can start from the first block and work your way up, or on the other hand, improve your skills with specific content.

Course Curriculum

The course is divided into six main blocks, from the basics of design and exploring the problem, through the definition and design of the solution, and its correct implementation and metrics tracking, as well as a block dedicated to personal growth.
Design Basics
The fundamental basics of any designer: Learn the design principles and elements and the methodologies that exist, both user centred and agile.
Discover & Explore
Start to organise and plan the product, applying research techniques to ideate and analyse different solution proposals for later validation.
Design & Prototype
Defined the solution, you will design the UI using design principles applied to digital products, while learning the information design basics.
Develop & Test
Learn the basics of a design system to create consistency in your solution, delving into front-end development, Design QA and metrics tracking.
Skills Refinement
Improve as a designer by learning leadership, tracking your personal goals, creating your portfolio or improving your design argumentation.