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Block VI - Skills and competences to be a Product Designer

Time to refine your skills and polish yourself! Learn the basics of design team management and leadership to position yourself in an advantageous position, while learning professional development to improve your portfolio, or learn SEO for designers (thanks to Backlinko's content)

14. Leadership and design management

Learning leadership and product design management helps nurture you as a professional, whether it's understanding organisational structures or moving into a more strategic role.
Design Team Management ->
Learning how design teams work will make you understand how design organisational structures work, their methodologies, implementation of values, scaling design maturity or DesignOps.

15. SEO basics for designers

It is always good to learn SEO to structure your designs in order to rank organically in search engines.
Basic SEO for Designers ->
Learning SEO gives us a more holistic view of how our design content will be indexed by search engines. All thanks to Brian Dean's free Backlinko content!

16. How to become a professional product designer

Finish the course learning how to improve your career progression system as a product designer, with the aim of creating a perfect portfolio, structuring your career and practising interviews and technical tests.
Boosting your Design Career ->
To achieve your goals in the world of design you must first set out a plan and objectives that you want to complete in a defined time frame and build your portfolio and interview skills.

Block complete! 🎉🎉🎉

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