02.01. Get to know the different types of design methods

Learning the different design methodologies will give us a global view of how to structure the design phases, using user-centred methodologies, design thinking or agile design sprints.

01. Overview of design methods

As a first exercise, let's take a look at the different processes we can see, and even at a glance, they will enable structured ways of designing.
The Relationship Between Visual Design and User Experience Design
Interaction Design Foundation
Level Beginner
The Design Squiggle
Damien Newman
The Design Squiggle
Level Beginner
Introduction to Design Thinking
Gerd Waloszek
SAP User Experience
Level Medium
5 Advantages of Iterative Design and Prototyping
Engineering Department
Pacific Research Laboratories
Level Beginner
Product development: The Waterfall methodology (model) in software development
MaRS Team
MaRS Startup Toolkit
Level Beginner

02. User-centered design method

One of the fathers of people-centred design. The goal of user-centred design, as the name implies, is to design based on the opportunities and needs of our users.
What is the framework for innovation? Design Council's evolved Double Diamond
Design Council
Design Council
Level Beginner
Do It Again - The Iterative Design thinking Process
Kriti Krishan
Level Beginner
The Godfather of UX: Don Norman & User-Centered Design
Christopher Sirk
Level Beginner
User-Centered Design: Process And Benefits
Sergey Gladkiy
Product Tribe
Level Beginner
The elements of User Experience
Jesse James Garrett
Level Beginner

03. Design thinking method

Design Thinking has been with us much longer than we think. It is based on a real business methodology, but it applies techniques and methods from design to create very interesting synergies.
What is Design Thinking
Sarah Gibbons
NN Group
Level Beginner
Design Thinking Builds Strong Teams
Sarah Gibbons
NN Group
Level Medium
How To Run An Awesome Design Thinking Workshop
Emily Stevens
Level Advanced

04. Design Sprint, the planning for executing the design

Perfect synergy between iterative design and agile methodologies. A Design Sprint is nothing more than a planned agenda of several days to execute all critical design processes in an orderly and transparent manner.
Product Design Sprint Process, Methods, Tools and Templates: A Complete Guide to Running a Design Sprint
Katarzyna Bąk
Level Medium
The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide For Design Sprint Beginners
Level Medium

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