06.03. Information Architecture Research

Like any other area of design, we must validate our information architecture by testing with users using card sortings or tree testings.

01. Generative vs Evaluative Research

When testing an information architecture, we must review whether we want to generate new blocks of information or, on the contrary, evaluate what we have.
04.01.03. Generative vs Evaluative
It is highly recommended before continuing to study this sub-topic in order to achieve a reasonable level of mastery of the subject.
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Comparing User Research Methods for Information Architecture
Jim Ross
UX Matters
Level Medium

02. Card Sorting

Learning card sorting is the minimum necessary to be able to test our information architecture with real users, be it generative or evaluative.
Card Sorting
Level Beginner
Card Sorting: How Many Users to Test
Jakob Nielsen
NN Group
Level Beginner
Card Sorting: Pushing Users Beyond Terminology Matches
Jakob Nielsen
NN Group
Level Beginner

03. Tree Testing

Learning tree testing will give us crucial insights when testing the findability and compression of our architecture.
Tree Testing: Fast, Iterative Evaluation of Menu Labels and Categories
Kathryn Whitenton
NN Group
Level Beginner
Tree Testing Part 2: Interpreting the Results
Kathryn Whitenton
NN Group
Level Medium

04. Usability Testing

Usability testing is based on creating a set of objectives that we want to achieve through sessions with users, either to get them to perform tasks or to evaluate how they perform in front of architecture systems.
07.04. Usability Testing
It is highly recommended to study this topic before proceeding in order to achieve a reasonable level of mastery of the subject.
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Low Findability and Discoverability: Four Testing Methods to Identify the Causes
Jen Cardello
NN Group
Level Beginner

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