03.03. The process of research and analysis to discover the product

Learn how to manage stakeholder expectations and learn about business opportunities based on user research and competitor analysis.

01. Stakeholder Management

The functionalities or products you have to create or manage will always have different stakeholders that you will have to satisfy through reports, documentation or alignment sessions.
Product Management Skills: Stakeholder Management
Ellen Merryweather
Product School
Level Medium
How to run Product Strategy Workshops
Richard Holmes
Department of Product
Level Advanced

02. Business Model Frameworks

Although they are not a panacea for a successful product, learning business frameworks will help you to take into account a number of issues that you may not have considered.
What are some business model examples?
Level Medium
Top 5 Business Frameworks according to Strategy Consultants
Level Medium
Using the lean UX can­vas to val­i­date your prod­uct
David Burkett
Level Medium
Lean UX Canvas V2
Jeff Gothelf
Jeff Gothelf
Level Medium

03. Product Research

The discovery of new opportunities goes hand in hand with the research process. Learn how to carry out discovery in an analytical and scientific way, reducing the uncertainty of your decisions.
04. Research
It is highly recommended to study this subject before continuing in order to achieve a reasonable level of mastery of the subject.
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A step-by-step guide for conducting better product discovery
Martin Felcman
Level Beginner
Deduction & Induction
Deduction & Induction
UX Apprentice
Level Beginner
UX Research Cheat Sheet
Susan Farrell
NN Group
Level Medium

04. Benchmarking

Learning to benchmark will bring out the state of the art of what we are researching, either to repeat successful patterns or to discover shortcomings in the competition in order to take advantage of them.
7 Steps to Benchmark Your Product’s UX
Alita Joyce
NN Group
Level Medium
Benchmarking UX: Tracking Metrics
Kate Moran
NN Group
Level Medium
A comprehensive guide to UX Benchmarking: Longitudinal and Competitive
Christopher Ratcliff
Level Medium

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Learn the theoretical and practical basics of user research, set up a research plan and evaluate the results.

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