13.01. Learn how to perform quality control on your designs

When the design is finally implemented, before uploading it to production we must carry out an exhaustive analysis to check that the implementation has been correct.

01. Basic concepts of design quality control

Learn how to implement a Design QA process in the product flow, as this ensures that what is implemented matches what is designed, visually, interactively and behaviourally.
Design QA Deserves a Seat at The Table
Mhariell Mosqueriola
Phase Mag
Level Beginner
Systemizing Visual Design QA
Jamie O'Leary
Level Medium
Design: QA Process
Aline Silveira
Dev Checklists
Level Beginner

02. How to manage design debt

The harsh reality is that we will never be able to correct 100% of the errors or inconsistencies we detect, this is the design debt. We must be able to manage it and not forget about it.
Design Debt
Austin Knight
Austin Knight
Level Medium
What is design debt?
Lindsey Christensen
Level Medium
How to tackle design debt
Jordan Koschei
Level Beginner

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Learn how to measure the performance of your design in production through usability metrics, recordings, A/B testing or heatmaps.

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