04.02. Discovery Methods

Discovery research methods help to uncover insights we didn't know existed. Learn how to interview or create diary studies.

01. Field Studies

Learn field studies by getting away from the office and your workplace to go and do research in the real context of your users.
Field Studies
Susan Farrell
NN Group
Level Beginner

02. User Interviews

The central pillar of discovery research. Learn how to interview users to understand their discourse and analyse it in order to make design decisions based on real problems and/or opportunities.
Interviewing Users
Jakob Nielsen
NN Group
Level Beginner
User Interviews: How, When, and Why to Conduct Them
Kara Pernice
NN Group
Level Medium
Why User Interviews Fail
Maria Rosala
NN Group
Level Beginner

03. Diary Studies

We can say that a diary study is like the child of user interviews and surveys, but in the long term. It studies the behaviour of your users throughout the whole process.
Diary Studies: Understanding Long-Term User Behavior and Experiences
Kim Salazar
NN Group
Level Medium

04. Product Requirements

Learn how to define product requirements in order to establish an implementation strategy and prioritise functionalities by value-added and uncertainty.
03.02.01. Product Requirements
It is highly recommended that this sub-topic be studied before proceeding in order to achieve a reasonable level of mastery of the subject.
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05. Sales & Support UX

The sales and call centre departments of companies are the ones that are most in contact with users and their problems, so why not count on them?
It’s time to start treating support as part of the user experience
Lade Tawak
Level Beginner
Minimize the Need for Customer Service to Improve the Omnichannel UX
Kim Salazar
NN Group
Level Medium

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Exploration methods bring together the necessary characteristics to discover new usage patterns using task analysis, defining scenarios or even defining user stories.

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