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Curated resources and tools about blog & magazines, design and product podcast, design video channels and games.

Blog and magazines to stay up to date in product design

Free and premium design blogs to be the first to know everything that is happening, signup up for product design newsletters, free product designer magazines or free product design usability blogs.

Free and premium product design podcasts

Free and premium product design podcast to listen to other product design experiences anywhere, with NN Group podcasts, product school podcasts, UX design podcasts and more.

Product design videos and channels for improving skills

Free and premium product design videos and channels to learn from the best and improve your skills, watching The Futur like youtube channels, product design youtube channels and more.

Games to practice product design

Free and premium product design games to learn in a playful way while maintaining the focus, improving your UI design skills, improving your bezier skills, free colour learning games, free typography games and more.

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