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Tools for designers, complete your profile and skills

Curated resources and tools about portfolio & CV making, management tools, collaboration apps, documentation, best design practices, useful software, presentations and browser extensions.

Portfolio and resume tools to get a job

Free and premium portfolio tools & CVs platforms to get your dream job, using free resume makers, free machine CV readers, free web portfolio tools, free job tracker tools, skill mapping tools and more.

Administrative tools to manage product design

Free and premium product design management tools to plan, track & measure your lean or traditional methodologies, using free project management tools, free product management tools and more.

Collaboration tools for designers 

Free and premium collaboration tools to create awesome design or strategies with your peeps in remote, using free creative collaborative sessions, free whiteboard tools, co creation tools and many more.

Tools for product design documentation

Free and premium product design documentation tools to get save all your design team decisions, using free wiki tools like Notion, free team wikis, free knowledge base tools, free design documentation and more.

Resources to learn how to make better design decisions

Free and premium product design best practices resources to learn how to take the best design decisions using free design patterns collections, free UX audit tools, free interaction patters, free landing pages tools and more.

Software for product designers

Free and premium product design related software to discover new tools to boost your design output, using free todo software, free time tracker tools, free image conversion tools, free design measure tools and more.

Useful and productive tools for designers

Free and premium utilities for designers to improve your productivity using tools like workflow automation, free recordings tools, free legal documentation tools for your app and many more.

Browser extensions for designers

Free and premium browser and chrome extensions plugins to boost your browser capabilities and boundaries, using free visual feedback plugins, free screen recorder tools, free live web editing plugins and more.

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