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Sent the July 14rd

“Whitespace is like air: it is necessary for design to breathe.” Wojciech Zieliński
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Telescopic Bias

This effect, or telescopic bias, is the perception we have of memories being inaccurate, varying the duration and frequency of these.

How many times have you been to the movies last year? Most likely the participant will include memories from the year before that or even the current year. There are therefore, two types of telescopic effect:

There are two unproven theories of the telescopic effect; one on the theory of time compression, which says that we perceive time as much shorter than it is, and the theory of variance, which explains that we always have some uncertainty about past memories, and this uncertainty grows with respect to the distance of the memory.

All this leads us to two conclusions:

- When we ask in a survey or interview a user, we have to be very careful, because this bias implies an overestimation of frequency. How many times did you go to the movies last year? Events that occurred late last year and early this year will be included in the participant's estimate.

- Participants modify their answers to match their current beliefs about what they are being asked.

How do we minimize this bias? By asking a proper question, being specific about what you are being asked to answer and clearly defining the period of interest

Articles & Ideas

How to Run a Journey-Mapping Workshop: A Step-by-Step Case Study
How to design a journey-mapping workshop that leads participants through current-state assumption mapping, pain-point identification, and future-state visioning. Kate Kaplan
Interview with Kunal Patel, Sr Interaction Designer at Google Material Design
In the last few years, Kunal has been working at Google: first on the Search team and currently the material design team. Emi Knight
What advice design leaders would give their younger selves
Balance the immediate with the far off” and other great advice for design leadership Kasey Fleisher Hickey
Heuristics meets accessibility
A template for equitable design in UX research. David Pinedo
UX Roadmaps: Definition and Components
A UX roadmap is a high-level, living artifact that prioritizes and communicates a UX team’s future work and problems to solve. Sarah Gibbons
UI cheat sheet: pagination, infinite scroll and the load more button
Which is best? What will your users like? What do most platforms use? These are the questions we will explore today. Tess Gadd
Make me think!
Until recently everyday objects were shaped by their technology. The design of a telephone was basically a hull around a machine. The task of the designers was to make technology look pretty. Ralph Ammer
A design API in practice
The API model for design systems resonated with design systems practitioners. The response blew me away. Matthew Ström
Distributed Ownership
How to maximize acceptance & adoption of your design system Linzi Berry
Bringing the Spotify Heart to Life
In this article, we're going to look at the process of how we designed and implemented a micro-interaction for our heart icon, and show how delight can move metrics. Spotify.Design
New Logo and Identity for Waze by Pentagram
Today, Waze fills the gap in many countries where Google and Apple Maps isn’t available or as accurate Under Consideration


Tabler Icons
558 Fully customizable SVG icons. (MIT license)

Quant UX — Prototype, Test and Learn
Create prototypes and understand how your audience interacts with them.

Editor X
Experience the harmony of creation. Let your visions unfold on the world’s most flexible canvas, guided by ultra smooth drag and drop.

Spread Simple
Simplify website management with SpreadSimple and Google Sheets

Design Collaboration, Version Control & Handoff - Your entire design workflow in one place

Pitchdeck Presentation Studio for Figma
Create and present slide decks with animations, videos and links from your Figma designs
Create a chatbot 🤖 -  Super simple and clean no-code chatbot creation tool.

The Guide To No Code Marketplaces
Everything you need to know about building, launching, and scaling an online marketplace using no code.

Remote Jobs 

Stack Overflow - Senior Product Designer
Stack Overflow is the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their programming knowledge, and build their careers.

Iterable - Senior Product Designer
Iterable is the growth marketing platform that maximizes lifetime value by enabling you to create better experiences for—and deeper relationships with—your customers.

Chili Piper - Product Designer
Chili Piper helps sales teams automatically schedule appointments with leads. Instantly turn inbound leads into qualified meetings.

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